The Presence of the Future

The Presence of the Future

You can’t see it,
You can’t touch it.
It was seen from days of old,
Out of reach, just ahead.

The presence of the future,
One foot in time and the other in the time to come.
One foot in the freedom of the law,
And the other in the freedom of grace.

Like the wind unseen,
Yet a beautiful sight to behold.
Penetrating through time,
Breathing in His presence.

Beautiful, immortal, in touch,
In reach, but still unseen.
Forgiving, embracing, loving,
Holding, but still out of grasp.

Freedom from pain,
But yet pained in searching for freedom.
Scared, sinner and ugly,
Yet perfect and spotless.

The presence of the future,
A past revealed.
A coming king,
From an existing kingdom.

Lost but found,
Spent but redeemed.
A bride to come,
But a wedding planned.

The presence is here,
The future is here.
Yet we eagerly await,
The end of the race.

The finishing line,
The scarlet ribbon.
The kingdom come,
The coming kingdom.

The presence of the future,
The coming king.


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