DATES, Bristol or Bust

Hello Brits, Irish and Immigrants

These are my confirmed dates for my Poetry and Short Story tour of Ireland and the UK. Mark them in your calendar, however there is still a slight chance of some changes.

November 4  – Friday           – Dublin [DATE CONFIRMED]
November 5  –  Saturday      – Coleraine [DATE CONFIRMED]
November 6  –  Sunday         – Glasgow [DATE CONFIRMED]
November 7  –  Monday        – Liverpool [DATE TO BE CONFIRMED]
November 8  –  Tuesday       – Searching for a gig
November 9  –  Wednesday  – London [DATE TO BE CONFIRMED]
November 10- Thursday       -Bristol [DATE CONFIRMED]

Also does anyone have any contacts or friends who would like to host a gig somewhere between Liverpool and London or really anywhere in the UK?

Thanks everybody.

Cheers Kel

How I like to Gig.

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