Pervalka Holiday

This American Life and cycling, turned out be be a cool but good week.

Most notable point was a head on cycle collision with what turned out to possibly be a police woman. About twenty of them blocking the whole path came at me. I was hard over on the right trying to get out of there way. The first two or three rows moved to the right, but these two woman were talking away and just pulled directly into my path. I turned and started heading for the trees, but as I did our handlebars clipped, I was thrown off into the tree and she splatted herself across the pavement. Nether of us were that hurt, but my bike was pretty messed up, nothing I couldn’t fix though. After that I tried to get off the public cycle paths only to end up with signs like this.

After the crash

However we did have some nice long bike rides and saw a very peaceful pre-season side of Neringa.

Fishing the lagoon

For more photos click here.


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