State Sponsored Terrorism

I dunno if I enjoyed painting this. I started it weeks ago. The thunderbolt for this one came from the BBC news once again. It was reported that the USA gave some astronomical amount of money to booster the Israeli defence force.

No doubt some of that money is paying for the Israeli defence of occupied Palestinian land.Again the painting is dominated with my fetish for flags. This time the only reason why I painted the flags was to either help us with our ignorance at not being able to recognise the people or to help you fight your way through my bad caricaturing.

I loved painting the dudes. I have never really been able to paint people, so I am totally loving my skirmishes with people painting success.

I wanted to write on the painting something like, “so who is sponsoring terrorism”, but settle for what we have now.

I hope you suitably hate the boring, benign, green background colour. I have not worked out what to call it yet. The possibilities are “State House Green” or “Seventies Mosgiel Bathroom Green”.

Like all my paintings it was painted on Mondays, with lots of coffee. Today my music selection was entirely Kiwi. Lots of Groundswell and a little and a little Andy Gibson. LISTEN CAREFULLY!!! You can buy me Andy Gibson, “behind the i” for any Christmas or birthday. This guy is good.

Anyhow someone else wants the computer, so gotta go.

PS I am really inspired by Mike Moreu and his Tooned in site.


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