Swiming Upstream

Well a movie to review. But this review will be a short one. Swimming Upstream was a wonderful “coming of age” Australian Movie, based in the 1950’s with good acting, a good story and it addressed good social issues. It is actually a true story based on the life of Tony Fingleton. I had never heard of him before either.

The storyline is basically as follows. Alcoholic Father pushes his sons to excel in swimming. Anymore and I will spoil the story. But included in that storyline is a hard look at social issues like alcoholism, domestic violence, self esteem, competitive parents of sporting kids, victim mentality and much more. The story is very emotional, quite sad, but with a positive spin to it.

It is an excellent movie to show to youth groups, orphanages etc.

It is worth mentioning the acting of Judy Davis who plays the role of the wife and mother. I have only seen her in one other role and that there she also played a rather worn out looking mother. But she does it well; maybe soon I will see her in a leading role.

We purchased the movie from our local Rimi for I think five Litas. But you can buy it from its official website.
My rating for the movies is 6 out of 10. It almost hurts me to give it such a low rating. But it is personal taste and I like a different genre of movie, check out “You Have To Not Watch This Movie”. But it is a wonderful Sunday night DVD with the family.
SaveDarfur.org has a post called “How will history judge us?” that’s worth checking out…

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