Coffee Fuel


Over the next three weeks I hope to be spending some time in cafes writing my children’s story. The book will be called The Adventures of Captain Chambers and Princess Moea’. It is a mildly science-fiction story that is based on earth. The story focuses on a girl called Lucy who finds a lost spaceship.

My prayer is, that I can keep the story short and simple, suitable for children and beautifully written. I will not be blogging this story until I have illustrated it. It will not be illustrated until I have finished editingĀ  ‘Clueless in America‘.

Would you like to be part of this project? If so you can buy my coffee, thus allowing me to languish for hours in the cafe. I write so much better in cafes.

So please click on the ‘COFFEE FUEL’ button and donate for me a cuppa coffee.

Also a quick thanks to those of you who have previously sponsored my writing through ‘Coffee Fuel’. If you would like to read my ‘Coffee Fuel’ chapters, click here.

Cheers and thanks Kel.

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