worship and poetry

Many of you may be aware that we have just returned from the Vineyard Benelux conference. A couple of days before the conference I was asked to bring poetry related to the theme of ‘Church for Others’. It was expected that I would simply pull these poems out of my existing collection, but I had not previously written on this subject, so instead I sat down and wrote these poems during either our tea break or worship. Most of them started with the prayer of ‘okay God what have you for us now’.

These are the poems that I wrote.

Questions. From Friday morning.
Church Is. From Friday afternoon.
Church for Others. From Friday evening.
Social Justice and Evangelism. From Saturday morning.
Remember the Orphans. From Saturday afternoon.
For Others. A poem that was written, but never read at the conference.

Naturally enough the above poems are all ┬ęKel Fowler. However, I would love it if you were to use them. Please just email me or leave a comment and ask. I will even send them to you in a better format.

Thanks God for the fun and slightly scary experience.

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